Sometimes you do need to thin the herd.

Bob Strait of Tulsa, Okla., was hospitalized after a vicious March 14 robbery that killed his wife, 85-year-old Nancy Strait. She was beaten and raped in the attack.

The couple, who met on a blind date on Thanksgiving Day 1946, had been married for 65 years.

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: What The Hell Is The World Coming To Nowadays.

4 Replies to “Sometimes you do need to thin the herd.”

  1. Take a boat out to the ocean,chum the waters, slice em up a little, and wait for the sharks.

  2. A couple builds a life together, only to have one of them cut down in old age like that–and the gun control people wonder why we support good citizens being armed. I like the shark feeding idea for the thug here. Provides nourishment to an endangered species, gets just revenge for a heinous act–it’s all good.

    1. While we wait, we have to put every shark attack or shark monster movie on. If we have the money, we’ll go to S. Africa and put on one of the various ‘air jaws’ documentaries of Great Whites flying.

      1. Works for me. I’d say toss in some pepcid or some pepto but considering Sharks are the garbage disposals of the sea..*shrug* I don’t think a little rotten meat is gonna hurt em all that much.

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