Changed Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings have changed little thought my life. Wake up (nowadays is actually arrive home from work), sit at the breakfast table and have a family meal and then quiet time for newspaper reading. Years ago it was not so quiet since there were the usual complains of who had what section of the paper and nobody cared for sports.

I long cancelled my subscription to the Miami Herald (El Nuevo Herald is still being received for mom as her command of English is non existent…. and she ain’t too happy about the “toilet paper’ as she calls it) so I find myself on the laptop with one last cup of coffee and checking out more newspapers, wire services and blogs that I could even imagine just 10 years ago, much less 40.

I was going to wax philosophical some more, but I am just gonna enjoy the rest of my coffee and watch the rain pelt the lake.

Sunday: Rain & Read.