Versacarry: The ‘zero bulk’ holster.

Versacarry: The ‘zero bulk’ holster has a very clever design – Gun News at

I can see myself using this for very short spells like going to the store and back. Nothing long term since I am the sweaty type living in the sub-tropics and I know I would corrode the plastic out of a Glock.

I think I will get me one for the Khar CW9 whenever I get around to buy it.

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  1. I doubt we would be doing a lot of holstering & unholstering but since you can change the rod, it would be a great non-issue. They did an awesome job with this thing and it is priced right. Minimalism works.

  2. I didn’t really read the article, but I feel compelled to give my opinion regardless:

    This so-called “holster” is barely less idiotic than plain old Mexican carry.

    Seriously, I can understand the desire to have a minimalistic holster, but this doesn’t really fit the bill. Not only does it not offer any meaningful degree of retention, it also doesn’t do anything to shield the trigger.

    A MUCH better option for the same purpose would be something along the lines of Raven Concealment’s Vanguard 2 holster…

      1. The versacarry can’t do more than keep it from falling down the leg of your pants, whereas the Vanguard 2 can not only keep it from falling down the leg of your pants, it can keep it from falling out of your waistband in any direction (assuming you end up inverted), as well as shielding the trigger so that it won’t go off accidentally.

        The way I see it, any method of carry that leaves the trigger exposed, like the VC does, is just BEGGING for an ND.

  3. It would appear that the trigger is NOT really exposed, as it sits directly behind the belt on one side, and up against the body on the other.

    With the handgun being pressed against the body by a somewhat tightened belt, some level of retention should be there.

    In any case, it’s not an expensive product, so I’ll order one just to prove….or disprove….my assumptions.

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