The new trend in the Progressive field is to activate automatic bans to Twitter accounts held by Conservatives or Libertarians by using the “Report Spam” button. Last night the account of Chris Loesch was attacked and suspended by massive attacks  when he dared to call to the carpet those progressives that wanted his wife to be raped and murdered. An immediate protest was launched and his account was re-instated twice only to be banned again by the same crowd twice again and they are not even shy about calling it.

I wish I knew who came up with #TwitterGulag, but it is a very fitting name to this campaign of forced silence. So far there has been no retaliation from the conservative side, although I am sure they are desperately wanting something like that to happen so they can start crying and get their 15 minutes on MSNBC demanding reparation for the violations of their First Amendment Rights.

So far Twitter has neither made a statement not penalized the crew doing this nasty deed.

I am sure we will see more like this and worst the closer we get to November.


6 Replies to “#TwitterGulag”

  1. “…The life of the Alliance is at an end! Its politicians play with power…. Its citizens have turned over government to the politicians, instead of participating in it themselves! The people have democratic principles on their lips, but cannot spare the effort to safeguard them! The collapse of a government is the sin of its rulers and leaders. The collapse of democratic rule is the sin of every citizen.”

    Every day this quote from an Anime/Novel series older than I am and probably as old as you rings true.

  2. I guess that I’m too damn old to understand how anyone can get butt-hurt over what some anonymous idiot posts on Twitter.

    What’s next? Riots over McNuggets?

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