The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution.

Reading the book The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution by Robert Middlekauff. So far I am in page 124 (out of 752) but it is a damn wealth of information. Did you know that back then England had somewhere in the vicinity of 1,600 Governmental regulatory offices? And that they basically had no idea what the Americans wanted or how they lived? That they wanted to concentrate all American commerce via England and only England? That the Parliament was well known for wasting money and eager to tax just about anything that was manufactured, exported and imported? both coming and going?

And why every time I read “England” in the book, my brain translates it to “Washington D.C.”? Why do I suddenly have a hankering for a Kentucky Rifle?

And I haven’t even reached the Boston Tea Party yet….

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  1. Actually, knew a great deal of that, although some are fuzzy now.

    I went and signed up for AP courses back when I was in High School. I didn’t wanna learn at the same speed as the rest of my peers, I wanted knowledge, not regurgitation and meaningless busywork.

  2. In order…No, but it doesnt surprise me. Yes, yes, yes, yes Yes because history has repeated itself as usual cuz people are stupid. As to why you’re hankerin for a Kentucky Rifle versus say…..An AR-15, a bag full of mags, and body armor….dude wtf?

  3. Just the other day I was reading up on the SBR procedure. The author mentioned that the tax stamp the BATF uses is similiar to what the British slapped on their tax documents.

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