Arbeit Macht Frei Casino & Resort brought to you by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

If you batter on them enough, the mask tends to fall off. The following is a Twitter exchange between LC Scotty (@BrisketChuckle) and whatever Joyce Foundation paid worker CSGV has taking care of their Twitter account.

I am trying to wrap my head around the size of such stupid statement.The only conclusion I can come up with is that the idiot behind the keyboard is some recent graduate of a big city High School or College Liberal Arts program in the West (Left) Coast. But what worries me is that CSGV and many of its followers truly believe in the taking of unilateral and unconstitutional actions against gun owners for quite some time now. This blog is full of screen captures of CSGV and its cronies advocating in sometimes less than crafty language for police raids, illegal executions, forceful internments into mental institutions and the disolution of families in the name of Gun Control. We are used to that, nothing new there. But directly advocating the righteousness of piling people in concentration camps without due process and because of religious or ethnic differences according to some court’s “decision” is beyond the pale.

CSGV accuses us of being Insurrectionist because I oppose Gun Control and the measures they intend to use against us. I plea guilty.


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  1. Wow… I’m speechless.

    Do they even stop and think about the statements they make? After all the gulags in the Soviet Union and the death camps in Nazi Germany were both operated under each nation’s respective laws.

    They claim to want gun prohibitions to protect people yet don’t care if people die so long as some state operated court gives the go ahead. Disgusting is the only word I can come up with that I feel comfortable writing on another person’s website.

  2. They believe that governmental institutions are infallible and cannot be subverted, whereas individuals are fallible and untrustworthy. That one makes up the other doesn’t occur to them.

    1. That’s really the crux of it. I wouldn’t care about gun registries if I trusted them. That they can’t admit that governments can be and often are corrupt is denying human history.

  3. Jumbotron Facepalm. I dunno if you still have it. Because…yeah. How about just adding that at the end of every screen capture post.

  4. Support of concentration camps, defending spousal abusers, demanding political opponents be executed for treason.

    They are really dredging the depths of despicability.

  5. I never, in a million years, expected him to answer that. Either Ladd was a few rounds into the Valu-Rite vodka, or it was a newb intern.

    This is why we win-we have hundreds, if not thousands, of people who do this sort of thing regularly, and tens if not hundred of thousands more who do it casually. They are left with trying to answer us or ignore us, and neither choice is very good for them.

  6. On top of everything else everyone else has said, Ladd Everitt and his braindead staff seem to be missing one teeny, tiny little detail: if the government really is rounding up people on the basis of ethnic/religious identification, then the Constitution is NOT “functioning as our system of government”. In fact, the Constitution is being blatantly ignored, infringed upon, and broken by the entity claiming to be our “government” in that hypothetical situation.

    In which case armed resistance is not only expected, it is borderline required..

  7. We should ask them what would they think if they, the gun control advocates, were being rounded up as the undesirables for orderly disposal?

    After all, they are taking a position that is contrary to the Constitution as expressed by the Second Amendment. What if a future “Supreme Court Justice Charlton Heston” got a majority decision for their internment and execution?

  8. you can only say one thing to something like that. I forget the EXACT quote but Fredrick Douglass said that a man who would put a chain around his fellow man’s ankle will most assuredly find the other end firmly around his own throat.

  9. As a resident of Washing ton State, I just gotta say – New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois. Where on the West Coast are they?

  10. seems to be what Dems do….remember Japanese interment during WWII……History is doomed to repeat. Hell Bush didn’t even go that far after 9/11, if anything people tend to “turn their heads” when a Muslim American is under scrutiny.

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