Pics today

I have to say that Miami with all its problems, has some darn pretty sunrises.

Blame the toons from the 40’s but I always see this as music to be played.

I love the new era of digital HD TV. You catch mistakes in movies you’ve been watching for decades and never saw before.
From Absence of Malice (Red underline mine) The note is from a reporter.

2 Replies to “Pics today”

  1. Great pix! Its hard to do sunrise/sunsets any justice, seems you took a good swing at it!

    Also I’m a friggin HORRIBLE speller, but man that error is too much! Its one thing to miss a phonetical spelling, or say a double letter (spellcheck informed me that “Horrible” has two Rs) but when does anybody say SIBscription?

    THINK! But Reporters aren’t known for that!

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