BREAKING NEWS: Google Threatens Lives of Gun Control Activists!

This blog has just made a chilling discovery: Search engine giant Google is apparently threatening the big names in Gun Control within its Image Search. We in this blog (OK, just me) find particularly abhorrent that pictures of these heroes for peace have guns aimed at them when the search results come back from a query.

Here we can see Sarah Brady being threatened with a gun aimed directly to her head….disgusting!

And here, Josh Sugarmann looks like he is about to be mowed down by Gun Rights Extremists.

Joan Peterson, also known as Japete has a deringer like the one that killed President Lincoln aimed straight to her heart.

And Ladd Everitt is about to get a lead enema from no other than a zombie Annie Oakley, brought back to life to commit an unspeakable murder.
We (I) at GFZ find these graphic combinations disgusting and more than veiled threats against peace loving people. An investigation for possible Civil Rights violations should be initiated by the Department of Justice immediately.

GSGV, does that sound stupid? Well, how do you think your latest campaign sounds?
Yup, equally stupid.

8 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Google Threatens Lives of Gun Control Activists!”

  1. Ladd/Tim did the usual Twitter spamming w/ that image to dozens of people making themselves look (even more) like complete idiots. Of course they also went on a rampage w/ the ‘if gun owners were so violent…’ line being a ‘threat’.

    Straws…. Grasping…

    1. It’s gotten to the point where I think it’s mental illness. There’s really no other way to put it.

  2. They’re like the little girl in third grade biology class who screams when she sees a picture of a spider on the textbook cover… as though it’s going to bite her. Some people shouldn’t have children.

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