Reasoned Discourse Fail.

Yesterday I got involved in an argument about Stand Your ground laws in the Twitter Lands. A woman by the handle Fortitude was sure that Zimmerman was guilty because his head wounds were light. I made the comment that no visible injury (bleeding, exposed brain matter, etc) was not an indicator.

OK, I don’t know how she knows that, but I do recall that Zimmerman was indeed taken to the hospital. Never mind because that is not the point I wanted to make. I think I missed a capture, but it gets good from here on. (ignore the times on the top right, that only shows how far I was when I did the capture and not in the order that happened.)

She refused to acknowledge that yes, you can suffer death or grave injury to the head without showing marks. In fact, the tiff between the NFL and the Players is heated in regard severely debilitating concussions and they wear helmets. Formula One pilot Ayrton Senna crashed his car against a wall and one of the front tires hit him with such force, the brain separated from the spinal chord producing instant death, yet there were no obviously outward signs (other than tire tracks on the helmet).

My guess is that when she felt cornered, she used the coward’s way out and pulled into play the Race Card in the hopes I would back off. Problem is, I am not a Vampire, the race Card is not a crucifix and never play the damn thing against a Conservative Minority member because we really don’t give a crap and know it is a instant cop out. When I called her out, she applied the Japete Strategy: Block.

And that brings to an end another episode of Reasoned Discourse. No wonder we are winning and they are whining.


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  1. Nobody has ever been able to present to me even a barely coherent explanation as to why the law has any disparate racial impact. More importantly, nobody has presented any statistics. It seems to me the portrayal of Zimmerman as a racist has been thoroughly debunked. Not to change the subject, but the real outrage is that the media and the left are deafeningly silent on the several racist “revenge for Trayvon” attacks that have recently occurred. I wonder if any school children today are taught about the Reginald Denny incident?

    With respect to head trauma, here in S. Fla we are quite familiar with the Josie Ratley case. Had she been armed, exactly how many kicks to the head was she supposed to have endured before shooting her attacker?

  2. I’ll wait for the conclusion of a trial before rendering my judgement. She was not there, she did not gather evidence, she did not get super secret reports from the investigators, she was not in the ER at the hospital, so she KNOWS NOTHING and should not give her opinion on Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws (which may not even apply in this case; so talk about having an agenda and your mind made up in advance).

    I noticed a lot of her unfounded assumptions:
    1) I agree with you on how does she somehow know that insignificant physical injury was caused. Poor videos and did not hear of a medical report (which would probably be confidential and sequestered as evidence). Quick, prove a negative!
    2) Self Defense does not justify killing. Well, if SD is justified, it may result in the death of the attacker. It’s not our main goal, but it is a realistic outcome. Would she prefer that I just shoot to wound (which often kills instead) and risk the attacker still succeeding?
    3) SD based on fear alone. No, there has to a threat of immediate injury or death that a reasonable person would experience and fear may be a part of that. Fear is not the sole reason for use of force. She should refrain from offering legal insights when she has no clue.

    Especially love her playing the race card and then blocking you. What a sore loser!

  3. And she seems to be basing all her “facts” on “Shit somebody told me”, and that crappy cell phone video taken of a police monitor. Of course the cops did take photos of Zimmerman’s head before the paramedics cleaned him up

    Still there are lots of dead bodies from head injuries, as well as people who have suffered permanent brain injury who didn’t look nearly the bloody mess as that.

    Hell my Mom caught her elbow on a street sign while riding her bike and got a concussion. She looked fine, she had a small bruise on her head. Now if that hadn’t been a moment of clumsiness, and instead somebody fighting with her, the concussion would have taken her out of the fight for long enough for the attacker to finish it.

    Hell one more blow like that to Zimmerman’s head and Martin might have been able to finish the job….and this story wouldn’t have even made the news.

  4. As a fellow member of the Conservative minority, I was absolutely grinningwhen she copped out. It’s one thing to win an argument with facts. Another when you’re talked down, told to shut up, and have the race card used on you.

    I know, been there, done that. Arguing with similar people during my high school Government/Civics class where the teacher can’t exactly moderate them when they got all riled up.

    It only goes to show their he-said, she-said fact base, and the knowledge that you’ve at least grounded your own facts on actual, well, facts, is sometimes well worth the censure of half your class.

    That and they called me a Nazi and whatnot because I finished my midterm within an hour (out of three) and often was given permission to leave the class to hang out with my German teacher across the hall. Mainly because why should I be stuck in a lecture when I already know the damn shit inside and out.

  5. Open up a medical school textbook and read about concussions and head injuries – sometimes concussions can leave you with or without marks, with or without post trauma confusion, but the effects of a concussion are long-lasting.

    And don’t get me started on epidural hematomas, let alone subdural hematomas – sometimes the victim does not know there is a hematoma until it is too late, because there is usually a lucid period between the injury and the unfortunate increase in intracranial pressure.

  6. Not many people in the lay public know about head injuries and perceived pain, so some people even when they get bopped in the head pretty hard they may not seek formal medical attention (formal medical attention being defined as being evaluated by a physician).

  7. it’s like trying to have a logic based argument with a 2yr old Miguel. Pointless. just take the stupid shits over your knee…beat that ass…and then send them to bed without supper.

  8. Wait until my head gets caved in – then I can defend myself?

    The liberal mind is a scary thing.

    1. You have to be sure you are going to die before shooting. And there is only one way to know for sure…

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