Friday Intermixture

-I am pretty much done with Gun Magazines.Sometimes I feel it is just one long advertisement for 1911 weapons-type and the “allmightiness” of the .45 ACP as a tactical almost-nuclear round that gua-damn-rantees you the slaying of anything from Meth-crazed addicts paying you a visit at Oh-Dark-Hundred to stopping Armored Trucks full of jihadists with one shot. Some mags have one or two authors that are an absolute joy to read and are about the only reason I shed any money in their publisher’s direction. The rest are more of the “Weee! Looky Shinny 1911! More Artsy Pics for you!” Pass. We need more Civilian Shooter Magazines. I am still, subscribed to one that is now more dedicated to Tactical Tommies and Police but it is getting to the point that I feel the need to either wear blue or don a shemagh and a pair of Oakley sunglasses before sitting and reading it. The other magazine is dedicated to the regular civilian and I hope they stay that way forever. You can find it by click it the obvious pic at the main page of this blog.

-Change or Die. That goes for firearms instructors that are still fixated in teaching military techniques watered down to pass muster in civilian life. Civilian life has its own set of ROEs and problems, study them & adapt. And for the love of God, stop using the darn V-Tac Barricade!

If you have lay down to shoot hyper aggressive mice in your house, maybe it is time to move out.

– I believe that handgun, shotgun and rifle are valid tools for Home Defense but only if properly applied. If you have to move & corner around, the handgun is best. The shotgun is supreme loaded with buck from fixed position and to cover any area in the intermediate 15 to 20 yards. Rifle is to engage attacking idiots at long distances and not allowing them to get close to your house, that is the best home defense possible as proven after many hurricanes down here.

– Next “should be” acquisitions will be in the long gun category (Kahr CW9 aside.) I am thinking a Lever Action carbine in .357 Magnum and a Bolt Action in either .223 or .270 for general duties. The Lever Action would be suitable modified to fit the Missus short frame and make it her Home Defense Long Gun.

-Home Repairs and home improvement are a pain in the back. Literally. Another weekend I won’t be partaking in IDPA shooting because of back pain. I calculate 3 more weeks of odd projects before I am finished and then I am not doing squat till the weather cools off again.

And to close, why does it look like the Devil is paying a visit every time we have a storm in South Florida?

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  1. While .223 ammo is inexpensive, based on my hunting experience I would recommend 22-250 instead if you go small. It is one of those loads like the .357 that way out performs it’s theoretical effectiveness.

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