Shoot First, Ask Questions Later? Damn skippy!

Only idiots that have no real idea what is involved in a violent attack can come up with the idea that one must somehow take time and engage in an interview with a criminal intending to re-arrange your anatomy without need or proper medical certificates.

Only idiots think that a woman should try to empathize with a rapist while he is on top of her and think that probably his Mommy did not hug him enough or weened him out too soon.

Only idiots think that an active shooter attacking a church full of parishioners only needs to be shown the bible and spoke about the graciousness of God while he mows down the Reverend and the Choir.

Only idiots think that a lynching can be stopped by telling them they are doing a bad thing by hanging that poor SOB to the nearest tree.

But regularly these idiots are not there to prove their theories when the feces hit the fan and more likely their own feces would be hitting their shorts if they were present in front of a murdering bastard doing his deed and praying for a cop or even a “degenerate armed citizen” like me to do something about it.

The problem with Anti Gun idiots is that they are willing to bet everybody else’s life and assorted body parts on their failed Gun Control Theories.

As for me and millions of Gun Owners out there, when facing danger at the hands of a criminal, we are planning to shoot first and then ask him why did he engage in such poor activity….and see if he can answer. If he does not, we won’t care much either.


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