Wrong Door Indeed.

“He was banging on several doors, but eventually he got to the wrong door.”

 Motel guest shoots, kills robbery suspect.

Once again Stand Your ground kills an innocent man who was only looking for the love of his life. When is the madness gonna stop?

Snark aside, there are Antis out there that think you do not need a gun outside your home for anything.

One Reply to “Wrong Door Indeed.”

  1. Heh. Many years ago, I drove to Chicago with my dog to show her at the International Kennel Club. We stayed at a hotel in the suburbs. One night, a noisy drunk was going up and down the hall yelling and banging on doors.

    When he reached my door, an 85-pound German Shepherd hit it from the other side, leaving no doubt what she would do if he got in. It got real quiet after that.



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