Your Son is Dead. Happy Mother’s Day!

No, seriously. This is what the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence just posted in Twitter.

One more piece of evidence showing that Ladd and Company really do not give a crap about people, just their cause.

PS: Yes, three idiots retweeted.

UPDATE: My reply to them in Twitter caught their attention…albeit the wrong way.

You point out the egregious mistake and it is you who is mocking. But I guess somebody called the Intern and told him/her to change the idiotic Tweet. This is the newly re-released version:
I do hope CSGV does not involve itself with Jewish Culture. I would hate to see them tweeting in Holocaust Remembrance Day “Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Mazel Tov!”

3 Replies to “Your Son is Dead. Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. I would love to see them take on the holocaust thing. My liberal anti gun mother in law might finally see the light; my fantastic wife would tell me to hurry up and build her a black rifle; and Oleg Volk could hand them their ass with about three clicks of his shutter.


  2. Of course they are happy- they’ve got a new Cindy Sheehan who is more than happy to wave the corpse of her son around to help them make their political points. That gives them the sick thrill of being able to feign a look of shock and say “How dare you- what about this poor mother!” whenever one brings facts into the discussion.



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