Brain Hurt of the Month.

An American self-defense instructor was denied entry into the United Kingdom because the government believes that his teachings could encourage vigilante violence.

I don’t know a whole lot about Tim Larkin. I know I have his book “How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life” on my list of books to be bought because it was recommended by several people. But clearly if he was some sort of crazed Militia-Type, build your own improvised weapons and explosives, I would have heard by now.

What we have here is just another example of Nanny State Gone Wild in Stupidity. The UK has managed to do what CSGV, Brady and the rest of Anti Gunners are desperately trying (and failing) to do here: Make Self Defense socially unacceptable and morally corrupt.

I guess I cannot ever be a subject of the Crown. I find it socially unacceptable and morally corrupt to be a victim. I’ll be content on being the ugly, uncouth American Citizen and defending myself and mine as needed.

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  1. I had a monologue here somewhere, the episode in question is located in my external drive back home. But goes more like the character, an Admiral, while in the end of a battle where he places his ship as the rearguard for the escape, talks to the enemy Emperor. He says that while he would’ve been proud to have gotten a grandson like the Emperor, he could never betray his beliefs in republican democracy, where all men are equal, than to accept the emperor’s leniency and become a subject under his command.

    Needless to say he and the last escort ships were obliterated. But once again, I’m using anime to parrot your words. I think the UK had a rich and interesting history, but in my view it had gone downhill after Churchill. This just proves it.

  2. I’ve never met the man. I’m on his e-mailing list for his TFT self-defense training, and his writings take a very clear-cut, black-and-white view of self-defense situations, but I don’t believe he’s the militia-type the anti-gunners usually refer to as “right-wing nut jobs.”

    That said, an expert in self-defense (even unarmed self-defense) certainly won’t be welcomed into the UK with open arms. Their desire to mandate victim-status on everyone would drive them to remove any and all knowledge of self-defense, in any form.

    Welcome to the modern-day forms of book-burning.

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