Police shoots “unarmed” man.

Proof positive that some people still do not get it. This just happened so details are few.

The incident started when police tried to question a robbery suspect at the CVS Pharmacy located at US-1 and 80th Street in South Miami. Police said the suspect then tried to run over the officer with his car.

And later on the same article:

Investigators have not said whether or not the man was armed.

Since it is Saturday, probably the regular editors and writers are enjoying the weekend so the intern yet to graduate from the Liberal Arts program (Majoring in Seminole Poker & Greek Transgender Studies) is writing the story.


3 Replies to “Police shoots “unarmed” man.”

  1. Just how do we calculate the stopping power and FPE of that 4000+# felon guided missile? Unarmed indeed. Say does that make major; it would do a bang up job on the plate rack.


  2. The felon wasn’t unarmed….the writer and the editors on the other hand are SORELY lacking in the BRAINS department.



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