Man running from deputies drowns

Man running from deputies drowns | News – Home.

If you can’t do the swim, don’t do the crime. South Florida is full of man-made lakes and canals. Swimming or at least threading water is an useful skill to have specially if you are gonna use water to try and shake the Popo.

And it is not the first time something like this happens.

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  1. Miguel..You know how Ladd and the losers at CSGV are fond of saying that nowhere did the personal right to bear arms ever come up in regards to the 2A or the Constitution? They posted that on the twitter wall today. I posted a VERY edited and shortened version of the following on their wall not 3 mins ago
    ” The Founders never discussed outhouses either, or the materials used for shingles, or what should be done with horse droppings. Things that are ubiquitous aren’t generally the subject of political debates in the creating of a new state.”

    Posted by a friend on my Anti Antigunners fb page in response to a post I made. A post of stuff in a single CSGV post that I pulled off their wall, including comments that I tore apart and derided.


  2. That happened about two or three months ago in Dallas TX, the guy tried to swim away in a flooded river went under, I have not heard any thing about finding the body.



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