CSGV: Trapped in its own contradictions.

Social Media is not kind to the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence. We in the Pro Second Amendment side make jokes we burn their Joyce Foundation paid interns with awesome regularity because they end up saying the wrong thing and giving us more ammunition.

During a Twitter fight yesterday between Sebastian and the Intern-in-Turn, CSGV officially announced one of its classic lies:

Today however and latching on a tragic incident, they posted in their Facebook page the following:

This sad Murder Suicide happened inside the house so why is CSGV worrying about it? They don’t care if a house has guns or not, right? They should act like when somebody is murdered by a baseball bat, knife, machete or a woman is raped and strangled: they don’t say a peep. Ever.

The next one is one more entry on the “Gun Nuts are Nazis and hate Jeeeeews!” meme. In their blog we find a post from yesterday titled Pro-Gun Activist Warns of “Zionist Instigators”. Go read and have a double laugh since this is the same CSGV who on May 4, tweeted  the following:

It is Bizarro world: CSGV who has no problem with concentration camps are the good guys and those of us who would take up arms to avoid a new genocide are called Nazis.

But that is the kind of stuff that happens when you HAVE to lie to hide your true agenda. Control.

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  1. Yeah I got in the middle of that bitch fight between Sebastian and the fuckwits over at CSGV. You need to do a screen cap of the one they did today bout How courageous Ladd the Loser is. I flat out told them…yep…and he lies too. I have yet to receive a single reply from them. I don’t think they like me much. *grin*

  2. Just sent this to the CSGV wall in the discussion between them and a couple tweeters named grrrlplanet and sirfith:
    a Gun is a tool like any other. . EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Can be used to kill. Going to ban and outlaw all hand and power tools?

  3. I cringe at how they pretend to be such such strict constitutionalists just to support their contention that armed resistance to a tyrannical government is wrong. Their argument that if a court blesses it as being within the confines of our Constitution, then it is just peachy. So, how can they interpret the Dredd Scott decision and the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII? If they really want to adhere to the Constitution, perhaps they could start with honoring the plain meaning of the Second Amendment.

  4. That wasn’t ‘legitimate self-defense’. The mother should have waited until someone was breaking into her home and threatened her before going and purchasing a firearm.

    Perfectly logical.

  5. This is a good example of why the verb “Tweet” derives from “Twitter”, where the root is actually the noun “Twit”.

    To wit:

    twit (noun)
    Informal chiefly Brit a foolish or stupid person; idiot
    (originally in the sense: a person given to twitting)

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