El Cheapo Files: Modifying a Fobus Holster.

Inspired by a chat with Walt in Pa. You should follow him, he even does video casts!

Years ago when the FNP-9 was brand new in the market, I happened to land one in a raffle. Of course being new, nobody made holsters for the damned things and I was desperate to shoot the gun in IDPA matches.

The solution was to take the gun to the local gun shop and run it through a lot of holster till a match was found. The closest thing they had on stock was a Fobus holster for the newfangled Springfield XD. But close it is not perfect or even in the same neighborhood: You had to shove it in to make it fit and be ready to squeeze the family lemons to draw it. I was about to give up when it hit me: modify the damn thing and you can shoot at the match tomorrow! And by golly I shed my $20 and went back home to play with my power tools.

After a bit of observation and proper use of a drill I removed the two rivets located at the bottom of the holster. I then substituted them with post screws and I placed two small rubber rings (of what, don’t ask me, I found them in my tool box) separating both halves but also made it easy to adjust tension.

After a couple of adjustments and testing under the IDPA Holster Gun Retention Protocol of inserting gun in holster, turn upside down and shake the whole contraption a couple of times and see if the gun falls, I concluded the experiment and declared it successful. It went on to participate in several matches till I got my custom pancake holster from a Texas holster maker who is no longer in the Biz.

I did the same thing for my Wife’s Kahr CW9 Fobus holster when she went to a class that required a OWB holster to participate. This one required only one post screw and rubber ring and she had a secure holster without having to give herself a wedgie. Did you know that if you rotate the rotating thing of a Fobus Roto Holster 180, it gives enough cant so it adapts somewhat decently to a woman’s curvature? Yup… you’ll save some money that way.

Oh hell, you guys know I am a cheap SOB.

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  1. Yeah, I did the same thing with a Taurus PT709 when they first came out. Modified a Fobus holster by opening it up. It’s around here somewhere…


  2. I can only laugh at the cheap comment because the tactical drapes bit your SWMBO said about your want of the tactical kilt is still fresh in my mind.



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