For they sow the wind.

Last night I had an interesting but sad exchange with somebody whom even though I did not ask, I am guessing was a Black lady. I am keeping her name a secret because she was a lady in all senses and I don’t want any visiting trolls to harass her.
The issue discussed was the evidence released about the Trevor Martin case. As usual, I butted in the conversation she was having with another fellow Gunnie Tweeter as she mentioned that Trayvon had no defensive wounds. I admit that my first couple of replies were on the snarky side:

HER:GZ has pics & med reports & such about his injuries, but Tray has very little defensive wounds, or defensive wounds

ME:Maybe because he was attacking?

HER:if u don’t have defensive wounds that means u were doing very little attacking or defending.
ME:I bet you don’t miss an episode of CSI.
Her: yes actually I do ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not a show I watch often.

At this point I realize she is not a foaming-at-the-mouth Sharpton follower but just a regular person, so I toned down the snark and went on.

ME:You can hit somebody and not show injuries to your hands and arms
HER:I believe defensive wounds would show up if they were really fighting & b/c of the intensity of the fight if they were
ME:So the witnesses are making it up?
HER:not sure

In case you have not heard, witnesses said that they saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman hitting him. Trayvon did have a small wound on his left hand that can or cannot be interpreted as from the fight. Detecting doubt I pressed on with the questions:

ME:zimmerman injuries?
HER:Do u really believe he had those injuries ?
ME:you know that he did not? (post chat note:as in have them at the time of the event)

Right there I thought “Uh oh. Has the case now gone into conspiracy mode?” And then she came back.

HER:I get the impression u are a GZ supporter trying to feel me out & I don’t think I want to have this conversation. Good night ๐Ÿ™‚
ME:I am trying to see if you actually believe that there was a conspiracy and why
ME:I just want to make sure: You do not care what the evidence says or what a Jury may decide? GZ is guilty?
ME:Now, if you are a steadfast believer that TM was murdered & evidence won’t matter and yes, we can end the conversation
HER:I am
HER:but to me evidence does matter but i know that evidence can also be manipulated.

Oh hell. This is not good.

ME:I just want to make sure: You do not care what the evidence says or what a Jury may decide? GZ is guilty?
HER:I do care very much about evidence, but it has to be real evidence. I do care very much about what the jury decides.
HER:my position is one of fairness, if GZ is innocent let it be proven by real evidence & not manipulations. That is my position

“Real evidence.” So she already thinks that the evidence has been manipulated because what was released does not fit the initial and well advertised narrative? I had to ask the question begged to be asked.

ME:you do not trust the evidence or witnesses because it does not support your belief in the case?
HER:no that’s not what i said ๐Ÿ™‚ I do not trust the evidence true, but for other reasons. Y is it important to u to pick my brain ?
ME:what reasons are that?
HER:lol again y is it so interesting to u? It seems his supporters have everything covered. He has money for his defense etc.

This reminded me of the Inquisition trials were people were put on a pyre or dumped in a vat of boiling oil in order to prove they were not witches or spawns of the Devil. If you survive when everything is set to kill you, then you were protected by God and innocent. That there are people believing in Zimmerman’s side of the story and willing to put money up for his defense is proof positive that he is guilty and that there is a conspiracy to set him free.

ME:one last question and I’ll stop abusing your kindness. If he is found Not Guilty (preponderance of ALL evidence) U accpet?
HER:he won’t be
(Conversation ends)

I still do not believe that she is a fanatic member of the New Black Panther Party ready to set her town on fire if Zimmerman is found Not Guilty, but she does represent what happens when somebody emotionally invests him or herself in a cause without the anchor of logic or the internal caveat that you are getting your information from people that are interested not in the truth but to make money or gain status.

The Martin/Zimmerman case got taken over by Snake Oil Salespeople, there is no doubt about it. It is my opinion that the lawyer for the Martin Family, Benjamin Crump is the first of them and responsible in great measure for what has happened in the Media. Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother complained about the release of the autopsy report because it indicated that Trayvon had traces of THC in his system which begs the question, How come her lawyer did not warn her that non-beneficial information might appear in the reports?

The narrative that Zimmerman was guilty of murder was hammered so much and people believed it so hard that what we have now is people with a firm expectation of what the conclusion must be that any other than a guilty verdict is unpalatable and unacceptable. Any help or protection that an accused is entitled to have as per our laws is considered unfair help or advantage or even downright conspiracy.

Those who latched on the Martin case for purposes others than actually see Justice served, sowed enough wind to create a category 5 hurricane of unintended consequences. If these were to happen, let us not forget who created them and make sure they pay for the damages.

UPDATE: It is now official. It is a conspiracy. OK, so she is a nutcase.

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  1. I had a chance to talk with a very good, very smart, scientist who happens to be black. This subject came up. Suddenly she went from a rational logical person interested in facts and data, to 100% pure emotion.

    I excused myself from the conversation when she pointed that that being black in America was different than being any other race (the group we were in was as racially mixed as a McDonald’s commercial) because there had been black lynchings as late as the 1960s in America.

    ….Then shortly after she said that if George Zimmerman is found not guilty in a court of law, he should be punished by “Street Justice” and killed.

    I thought about pointing out the fallacy of her words, but what’s the point? She’s smart enough to know better, but is so self-righteous in her status as a “Victim” (meanwhile her badge said PhD, mine just said BS…) and her shameless hatred, I just excused myself.

    I thought I did it with a lot of subtlety , but the next morning a bunch of people approached me to point out what a “good move” I had made there.

    Its sad that there was such a horrible history of black people in America….what’s worse is their idea of a “Solution”.


    1. Next time place yourself far enough away from her that you can sort of sneak your camera phone into position and get that kind of rant on video. Post it to the web with the header “from rational human being to complete idiot in 5secs flat”


  2. A very insightful post.

    This may explain the very inciteful stories we’ve seen about the Zimmerman incident so far.

    When the Facts do not support the Narrative, the facts must be changed.


  3. I’m afraid no matter what the evidence proves or disproves, Martin Zimmerman is not going to get a fair trial, he’s going to be burned one way or another, may not even make the court date.


    1. Oh if the judge tosses it out, he can vanish. The haters couldn’t find him BEFORE he got arrested. Withdrawing an assload of cash and changing your appearance a hair by dying your hair, slouching if you stand straight, Standing straight if you normally slouch, glasses to change the shape of your face..*shrug* People rarely see past the ends of their own noses.


  4. Unfortunately there is an illogical subset of the population that simultaneously screeches for equality while demanding preferential treatment; for these people the truth does not matter, only the promotion of their race does.



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