Wait one second. Stand Your Ground in California?

Register-Pajaronian Police chief: Man who killed Gil acted in self-defense.

Watsonville Police Chief Manny Solano said Thursday that investigators determined that on March 31, after words were exchanged, Gil and another man, Ricardo Flores, attacked Frank Garcia first, outside El Miramar Restaurant and Bar on Main Street. Gil allegedly stabbed Frank Garcia in the upper body, and Garcia defended himself.

Unimpossible! He was not at home, he was in an argument, he should be in jail waiting prosecution and the Death Penalty!

OK, maybe because no gun was used, he gets special treatment. [snicker]

Even in one of the most anti rights state of the Union, Stand Your Ground not only applies but apparently they know when to apply it.

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  1. This is a great case to show to the antis. Japete likes to claim that gang members have used “stand your ground” self-defense, to which I reply, “so what”? Being in a gang doesn’t mean you deserve to die- that you have no right to self-defense (though the law is clear that you can not be engaging in illegal activity at the time of the incident). This is particularly true given that members who “snitch”, or even try to leave the gang are often targeted.

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