Our Florida Cabbies don’t play

Police: Cab driver shoots, kills would-be armed robber.

“… there was a dispute over the cab fare.

Police said the man told the cabbie he would get more money but instead pulled out a small caliber handgun and fired a shot at the driver. The bullet grazed the cabbie in the back of the head.

That is when the cab driver pulled out a gun and shot the man several times, authorities said.”

We are not “civilized” here in Florida. No bulletproof dividers, no internal cameras, no begging for our lives. You try to kill us, we kill you right back.

3 Replies to “Our Florida Cabbies don’t play”

  1. I’d give him an extra tip if I rode.

    “Thanks for ridding the streets of an idiot.” Give him an extra twenty and get out.



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