Florida stands up for “Stand Your Ground”

Florida stands up for “Stand Your Ground”

61% of white voters support the law, while 31% oppose it. 53% of Hispanic voters support the law, while 36% oppose it. 56% of black voters support the law, while 30% oppose it.

After all the effort made by Anti Guns groups and supported by a complicit media, you’d expect better results for their “cause.” Instead they got their asses kicked to the curb and waiting to be disposed of.

This was going to be their great comeback, the pendulum was sure to swing to their side and regain lost ground. They didn’t.

We Stood Our Ground. They get to Retreat…again.



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  1. Two big factors. #1. The Gun Control Knee-Jerk is dead and rotten.

    When I saw the news of the Virginia Tech attack, I assumed it would be a repeat of Columbine and become a rallying point for antis. Just the opposite, gun laws were RELAXED after the attacks.

    #2. The Antis overplayed their hand. This was how the antis lost me. One of the biggest turning point in my anti-gun days was when I read the ballistics data for .223 Remington which was maligned as an “Evil Assault Rifle Cartridge with no sporting use”, and compared it to .30-06 Spr, and .30-30 WCF which were what my family members used for white tailed deer in non-scary wood-stocked rifles.

    The same came with the picture of the angelic cherub of Trayvon Martin, contrasted with “White Racist” George Zimmerman.

    When it turned out that Martin was troubled youth on suspention from school, and Zimmerman didn’t even have a speeding ticket to his name, people get pissed for being lead by the nose to a false conclusion and tend to have a strong negative reaction to EVERYTHING pushed by the liars.

    I’m sure all the angry mobs, and calls for vigilante justice against George Zimmerman probably also make a LOT of people think that having a gun close-at-hand and the rights to use it sound like a VERY good idea.


  2. “61% of white voters support the law”

    Doesn’t that automatically mean the law is racist? If you asked Obama, Sharpton, Bloomberg and Biden about this, we’d have 2 votes for “racist”, 1 vote for “screw the constitution”, and one vote for “derp”. Still, we’d be screwed.



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