3 Replies to “Doppelgänger”

  1. While whaling is a practice the rest of the world is not pursuing anymore, I won’t care of a few nations still do it. Ain’t my problem.

    So whenever I see whale wars, I get this giddy dream where the Japanese guard ships weren’t armed with water cannons. Nor were they slow little trawlers with water cannons.

    Both Yubari-class Destroyer Escorts were decommed in 2010, and maybe if it still floats, the Amatsukaze with its 4 76mm/50 guns, just using blanks should scare the libtards out of the water.

    But then I know it’s just fanciful thinking (because these guys would’ve never left port or would’ve been shadowed by even faster vessels the moment they get into international waters).



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