On the Face Eating Zombie: Some thoughts. (Graphic)

We now know that it was not a zombie but a guy named Rudy Eugene. I was told last night by somebody who allegedly knew him from the same neighborhood that Mr Eugene had a problem with drugs and was known to consume Phencyclidine, known by its street names of PCP and Angel Dust.  Police is commenting that it is probable Rudy was under the influence of “Bath Salts” which produce hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and delusions.

The same somebody at work who passed the drug info on Rudy Eugene, complained loudly that the first officer on the scene “did not have to shoot him four times.” When I asked what would have been the right amount of shots required to stop a drug-crazed individual who was ripping off the flesh of a fellow human being (according to what I just heard on the news, a 60 year old homeless guy) he refused to answer. The complainer does belong to the “Fuck Da Police” school of very small thoughts, so probably one shot may have been to many unless he was the one being served as facial tartar entree to Rudy Eugene.

It took four shots to stop Eugene: one initial and then three more when he refused to cease and desist from his attack. I am actually surprised that only took four shots so probably at least one must have been placed to the brain pan. I doubt that the regular pain receptors were working properly for the perpetrator to feel the impact other bullets but whatever happened, proper congratulations do go to the officer for stopping the attack and giving the elderly homeless a chance to live.

And in case you haven’t noticed, bogey men exist, zombies do indeed exists, assorted monsters with mindless determination to kill exists. They are not sexy, they do not sparkle and there is no sexy brunette or redhead dressed in tight fitting clothing coming to rescue you with cool looking guns. There are just ugly humans that thanks to misguided chemistry become almost unstoppable in their wish to kill something and you better figure out how to either get the hell out or where to place the rounds for a total reset of their system.

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  1. Sounds like the kind of batshit crazy that PCP induces – but I’m more concerned with the #OWS crowd of similar zombies than some drugged-up Haitian…

    1. OWS is not a problem down here. It is kinda hard to remain in one piece while wearing a Che t-shirt in the middle of the Cuban Exile community. People waving machetes make for rethinking one’s anarchist views.

      1. The only ones to glorify violent thugs such as Che are those who do not understand what he has done. IIRC, even Castro got rid of him afterwards. Something about being a shitty admin or something.

      2. We also don’t have an issue with OWS down in Tucson, but Tucson is relatively small. There’s a few homeless people that sit in the park next to some kids with cardboard signs on occasion, but you won’t see anybody tearing things up in a state with Constitutional Open / Concealed Carry.

  2. I don’t know. So long as the 4 went in the following order…2 to the heart, 2 to the head. Shouldn’t have taken more than 2 heart, 1 head though.

  3. They are not sexy, they do not sparkle and there is no sexy brunette or redhead dressed in tight fitting clothing coming to rescue you with cool looking guns.

    What… is your outfit at the cleaners?

    Seriously though, I once worked with a guy who was hired straight out of prison. His arms were as big around as my head and he used to swallow eight vicodins during lunch hour…

    Proof indeed why good follow up shot placement and extra capacity = good!

  4. Preach on brother! My only question on the police response is why the officer did not employ a carbine or shotty. A .223 lobotomy might have been in order.

  5. Am I the only one who would justify emptying the whole magazine into the guy?

      1. Less spray and pray, more, if he’s that deranged or hopped up, I doubt one shot would do him in…or four.

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