Why I do not trust my life to condiments.

Hackensack man stabs self, accused of throwing intestines at police.

Carter was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body. Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen, Heinemann said. Carter allegedly threw some of his skin and intestines at officers as they tried to enter the room, Heinemann said.

The officers ordered him to drop the 12-inch kitchen knife, but he didn’t. Carter is accused of swinging the knife at officers, police said. The officers sprayed two cans of pepper spray at the man without any effect.

I have thought back and forth about adding a can of pepper spray to daily carry load. The more I read about it, it does not make a whole lot of sense to do so as a civilian. My first priority if I see some raving lunatic doing something raving is to tuck tail and leave the area. I am not a cop who has the duty to save the maniac’s life (and God Bless them for doing that thankless job) nor I have the inclination of helping somebody who is not open to suggestions.

Somebody the other day mentioned dog attacks, but I am not particularly worried about those. One dog I can handle as I have done it in the past and more than that is enough to use deadly force if I can’t avoid the issue. The use of pepper spray on an unarmed person can be construed as assault by an eager prosecutor and I don’t feel like testing the law and my depleted bank account proving him/her wrong.

One thing I have used with effectiveness at night is a good tactical light. Being blinded damps the initiative on most situations and allows you to either run away or call for reinforcements. My particular record was three “Urban Hoboes”  (homeless) who were not happy when I told them that the location where I worked was a public place for them to spend the night. They got quite pissy and tried to surround me but accurate doses of a Surefire 6P (Original flavor, 60 lumens) to their eyes left them blinded enough for me to “tactically withdraw” and call for back up. When the cops arrived, they were still complaining of seeing spots but could not show injury since none was given.

I still own the same surefire but now upgraded to 200 lumens with a Cree LED upgrade.And Lord! It shines bright and pretty!


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  1. Out for a morning walk before dawn, getting in a bit of exercise before work, two Rottweillers came running and barking at me out of the darkness, and a Cree LED stopped them dead in their tracks. They didn’t know what to do. That bought me time to reach my home and have the cops come to take control of the dogs.


  2. i take my 100lumen from S&W with me to the park where i walk my dog at night. gettin to the point it’s too hot during the day and I will not walk in my own neighbor hood. Too many strays. Hell there’s a feral PACK in the back of the neighborhood on the other side of the main drag that splits the subdivision.



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