Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene was drugged or “cursed”?

According to his Girlfriend, Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene was drugged or was under a voodoo spell.

During their time together, she said, Eugene would sit on the bed or on the couch in the evenings with her to read from his Bible. He carried it with him just about everywhere he went, she said, and often cited verses to friends and family.

“If someone was lost or didn’t know God, he would tell them about him,’’ she said. “He was a believer of God.”

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And he also gave CPR to puppies and tossed old ladies safely across the street.

I understand the desire of not being the girlfriend of the Miami Zombie, but manufacturing BS never helps, specially when the subject’s history for drug and violence is getting out ever so slowly.

But as predicted, there are those who are already trying to cash in by manufacturing righteous indignation over this case. Village Voice moron writer James King asks Did The Cops Really Need To Shoot This Guy? ’cause, you know, he was unarmed. I am guessing that he expected the police officer to roll up a copy of the Miami Herald and whacking Eugene in the snout would have been enough to stop his “bad doggy” behavior.

I am starting a countdown to see when George Zimmerman gets blamed for this killing. You know it is coming.

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  1. Sounds to me like ole Rudy NEEDED to find God! I got news for ya, attempt to bite my face and I will shoot you too.

  2. “Did the cops really need to shoot this guy?”

    Seriously, I can’t even start replying to that line honestly without starting it with an four letter word….and curses between words.

    1. Bad words are allowed in the comments. However we have a limit of five per comment or 15 if you comment more than three times.
      Use sparingly 🙂

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