The Squirrel Report.

If you have no life whatsoever on a Friday night and a decent internet connection, you may want to listen to the slowly-becoming-infamous Squirrel Report.

After 10 shows, I am still trying to figure out what’s about it but without success. It has gun chat in it, but there is no proper theme or rhyme or reason. The hosts of the show swear it is on purpose but more likely it is just what happens when four mental procrastinators get together to talk under the influence of alcohol and a Librarian.

The hosts of the show are:




and Jay:

So tune in this Friday – 8:00 Central. And in case you haven’t figured it yet, it will be adult conversation…..(wait…hahahahaha…adult? I kill myself) scratch that. There will be explicit conversation on both the show and the available chat room…and you can call in!

UPDATE: Today’s Squirrel Report will be about Face Eating Zombies.

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