Quick funny story.

I just finished another Twitter War with a two bit Radio Talk Show host from Seattle that covers “bizarre phenomena or experiences that lack an obvious scientific explanation, such as ghosts, UFOs, spirit communication and cryptozoology (Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, et al)” but thinks I live in a world of fantasy because I believe in Self Defense.

The only reason my jaw did not hit the keyboard during the exchange was because I was laughing so hard at his “Superior Intellect.”Β  And by the way, I think he believes I am a Cammo-wearin’-repressed-homosexual-redneck. Didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. The dumber his kind remain, the better.

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  1. Well, yeah, when it comes to gun-owning, camo wearing, rednecked repressed homosexual nazi KKK members, the HISPANIC gun-owning, camo wearing, rednecked nazi KKK members are some of ABSOLUTE WORST!

  2. I dunno man, even before reading MHI, I always thought if any of that shit is real, I’m heavily into self defense. I ain’t being abducted without a fight, nor will bigfoot menace me without taking some holes in his raggidy ass.

  3. Heh. Bigfoot…shoulda told him a couple of 12-gauge slugs and a bottle of Black Label make for a really good Big-B-Q!!! With baked potatoes roasted in the coals on the side, of course. Gotta be civilized about these sorts of things!

  4. Ha ha. Proof! We need screen shots of twitter exchange, or it didn’t happen! That’s an awesome flame(er) battle.

    1. *shrug* It happened. Miguel is on my twitter feed so I catch his ‘twitterwars’ when they happen.

  5. The studies of cryptids is an interesting one. Certainly there are lots of things that have gone from cryptid to recognized species.

    That being said, there’s lots of crap people have been yacking about for CENTURIES that most likely don’t and never have existed. So one must take the study with a HUGE grain of salt.

    Of course the self-defense thing is out-in-the-open and there for inspection. The fact that he obviously choses not to inspect it….or ignore hard data for cryptic conspiracy theories denotes him for EXACTLY what he is.

      1. Miguel and I can talk about different Hispanic populations and their treatment of the chupacabra.

      2. That would make for a good discussion, if I can get the feed to work; it keof freezing up on me. As an aside, even as a Hispanic, being a guerro in extreme south Texas means that (gasp) you experience racism. I told my wife a few years back that if I see the chupacabra I am going to kick it’s ass, pin it down and fuck the shit out of it, then post it online. That ought to keep the local cholos from screwing with me!

  6. “Officer, that Chupacabra was asking for it! Just look at how it’s dressed! Also ‘Goat Sucker’? Yeah, she was down to bang!”

    Your Honor, the Defense Rests! πŸ˜€

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