The stupid…it hurts. (The Gloria Allred Version)

The whole quote is stupid, but Gloria Allred doubles down at the very end.

And I am quoting:

“Jokes are being made about this issue on late-night television,” said Allred, “… but cannibalism is a serious issue and is very dangerous to the health and well-being of both the cannibal and the victim.”

No shit? For the victim too? I would have never guessed.

Gloria Allred and the “grill”-friend of Rudy Eugene, the Miami Zombie.

7 Replies to “The stupid…it hurts. (The Gloria Allred Version)”

  1. Hey Miguel, still have the Jumbotron Facepalm image?

    Because this seems to warrant it. FFS.

  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that if a person has gone so far as to eat another human being — their health isn’t really at the top of the list of problems they have.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the cannalbalistic tribes of the world, and I wanna say there’s one or two left…don’t see it that way.

  4. The brain stem. Don’t eat the brain stem. That’s the only thing that causes the problems. All the rest is just good ol’ fashioned protein.

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