What honor looks like

What honor looks like: The flash mob at Gate 38 of Reagan National Airport | MullerOver.com.

Shortly before 9:30 over the loud speakers, a US Airways gate attendant announced that an Honor Flight of World War II veterans would be arriving momentarily and encouraged anyone passing by to help greet them.  Five or six people looked like they were officially part of the welcoming committee, and the rest of the people in the secure section of the airport were regular old travelers going somewhere.  Then I had a terrible thought.  What if these veterans came off the plane and just those five or six individuals were there to greet them.  I walked a gate over to help see the veterans out.

This capture from the video says it all for me:


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  1. Packing up and moving always brings this much dust in the air. I swear. Just need, a tissue.




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