Can you imagine……

That I bought 2,000 firearms and then let them be taken across the border without proper export paperwork and they ended up in the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels. Imagine that some those firearms were responsible for the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least one American Law Enforcement Officer.

Do you know how my house would look like just about now?

Perhaps third time is a charm and ATF gets disbanded for good. I am sorry for all the agents that are good law enforcement officers, but the corrupt mindset in the higher echelons of the agency runs so deep it is beyond fixing.


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  1. I kinda like the saying that goes “Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms sounds like a store rather than a Government agency.”

    Didn’t the nation almost disintegrate nary 20 years since its founding over taxing Whisky?

    Sadly I dun think most kids nowadays are told about that.

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