I am done trying to educate pigs.

Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.
Robert Heinlein

Seriously, I am done. This morning at work, right before we were done for the day a co-worker went into quasi-religious spams as he preached the awesomeness of the .45 ACP round and other gun related fantasies.

From “It is much better than a .357 Magnum and barely just under a .44 Magnum” to “It will stop anybody if you just hit him” this guy would not shut up with the cheap Gun Forum BS. I decided to put on my instructor hat and  point out some of the fallacies coming out of his rumen, but whenever I was able to tactically & politely insert a comment he dismissed me as if I did not know a thing. He was all-knowing!

Then he suddenly jumped to shotguns. He owns a Mossberg but unclear on the model. He then went on a rampage against double ought buckshot and how tactical teams used triple ball (wtf is that?) to both breach doors and take on bad guys. He finally stopped for a second so I jumped in:

Me: So, what do have in your shotgun now?
Genius: Right now double ought buckshot.
Me: What’s the pattern of your shotgun with buckshot?
Genius: Huh?
Me: You know, how much they spread as they go out the barrel & according to distance?
Genius: Oh yeah! You know, the thing about shotguns…
Me (thinking): Dear God… don’t.
Genius: … is that with buckshot…
Me (thinking): Get ready, here it comes.
Genius: you really don’t need to aim…
Me (thinking): Ladies and Gentlemen…
Genius: … just point in the general direction and it will hit everything in front of it.
Me (thinking): WE HAVE BINGO!

Eventually I was able to extricate myself from the conversation by explaining to him that shotgun breaching rounds were not made of C4 but sintered metal or other inert materials. Last time I saw him, he was googling sintered, but I think he spelled it “sincered” and was rolling through the 347,000 results.

It may sound selfish, but I am gonna reserve my few tidbits of knowledge to those who are actually thirsty for it. I’ll leave the morons to their false ideas for one single reason: Darwinism. Nature finds balance eventually.

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  1. Want an even larger challenge? Try acting as a CRSO / RSO somewhere on a range wher all these Leyboard Commandos arrive to actually shoot!

    I learned long ago that advice isn’t advice UNTIl it is asked for. Up to that point in time you may as well go and find a tree to talk to,,,,less aggrivation!

  2. I’m beginning to think that as a whole, we are too nice to people on forums. Some members need to be trimmed out on general principle of being fucktarded. Some people are just stupid enough that they should be shit canned immediately and their guns should be kept in a glass case with an armed guard posted in front of it. The sign on the case should read something to the effect of: “In case of emergency, if this is the last gun on earth, break glass but give to someone other than owner”

  3. Prime example:

    “I know it`s fun to have these discussions but the only gun for home defence is a shotgun period….People can learn faster to hit what they aim at with the shotgun no matter who they are…Get a arm shot the BG will probably not have a arm or any of the other extremities if hit…a chest shot ends everything immediatly….It`s a guarantied stopper….”

    Should have just canned him there….but nooooooooooo…had to try and reason with this ass clown first…

    1. As someone who’s only been serious about firearms for a couple years, I agree. If I have a question about something I want to listen to people who know what they’re talking about. I don’t want to read through 20 pages of some asshat preaching whatever they’re on about. Or, god forbid, running into one of them at a local shop if you ask a question.

  4. It’s, unfortunately, worse than that. While at Cabela’s looking for a 9mm for my girlfriend we ran into a counter clerk that tried to steer her toward a nice J-frame in .38 with, you guessed it… pink grips. When I explained that she was relatively new to shooting and was not ready for a revolver yet he started in with all the old tired BS about how it was a great fit for little hands and blah, blah, blah. I managed to combine a sigh and a facepalm.

    1. I am sorry, but I think traditional Gun Shops (Big Box Stores included) are gonna disappear soon if they don’t change their mentality.

      1. Right you are. After the craptastic experience at Cabela’s we moseyed on down the road to a local gun store and made our purchase there. While I would not call the, ahem, “gentleman” working the counter there God’s gift to salesmen, he listened to our purchase parameters and didn’t try to lay any BS on us.

        Bonus: he had a sign on the door that said “I have no idea what a ‘Deagle’ is… so don’t ask!”

  5. Well at first I made the horrible mistake of thinkin genius boy was on to something. That lasted two words the only way he won my affection was the simple combine of two numbers, 4 and 5. I normally run .45s down range with my 1911 but I have zero delusions that its the “ULTIMATE MAN KILLER!!” It just so happens to be the caliber of the 1911 that my old man handed to me at the range many moons ago. I think that the perfect caliber is the one that never has to be fired. But that’s just my two cents.

  6. And just this week, I have come to learn, that the .410 Judge/Gov’ner has the same “unaimed cone of instant death” effect that the average shotgun has! Who would have thunk that a shell which is wimpy and anemic from a 20″ bbl can take on such destructive force from a shorter 4-6″ bbl?

    As for forums, I belong to one that tends to be geared more to “software”- drills, performance tracking & improvement over “hardware”.

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