GPS for the urban driver?

I would say that 99% of the drivers in an urban area use the same routes every single day. Barring the very occasional incident, they do not deviate from the accustomed roads. So can you please tell me why those who have GPS in their cars (pre-installed or after-market) use the damn thing at all?

I mean, you cannot be that mentally deficient or damaged that you forget your usual route every damn day so you must rely on this digital wonder. No, the reason people use GPS every day to go back and forth from home to work and back is one and only one: They played Super Mario Kart as kids.

Scary thought that the road is filling with people who chased and ran over giant mushrooms, huh?

6 Replies to “GPS for the urban driver?”

  1. Not to defuse the rant, but . . .

    I once asked my brother why he has his GPS running when he’s in town. He told me his is connected to a traffic alert system that warns him if there’s an accident or heavy traffic ahead.

    Also, if he has to avoid something on a main surface street, he can turn into a neighborhood and be safe knowing he can find his way out again.

  2. Don’t forget that some GPS units alert you to automated traffic cameras (which may be overzealous in snapping your picture for a possible infraction).

  3. Yeah, I always run Waze on my phone, it alerts me of traffic buildups and routes around them, also informs of accidents, police, etc.

    Even better, I run DailyRoads, which acts as a black box and records a couple minutes of video that I can choose to retain, and it automatically kept in the event of a strong shock, so I can prove that the accident was not my fault.

  4. I use a GPS navicomputer when I’m going somewhere that I haven’t been to before and don’t know the route. I don’t turn it on when I’m going somewhere I go all the time.

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