The way we see things.

You are strolling in the woods when suddenly find his quaint scene.

Some will say “Awww! How pretty! Some cabin net to a beautiful river. Peace and serenity away from the nastiness of the worlds!” Some of us will wonder “Hmmm, first where is the frigging axe that’s supposed to be next to the stump. Where are the occupants? Why is the door open? Is that banjo music I hear? OK, I am giving this place a wide berth.”

The Some will say: “My heavens! That is a sad way to live your life. Constantly suspicious of anything around you. Paranoia is no good for you!” Well, first it ain’t paranoia just awareness that if even Bambi can put a world of hurt on you, anything may happen in the woods. Secondly, if somebody built a cabin way out there, he might be the kind that wants to be left alone, pretty much like myself and I am keen on respecting that. Plus I don’t know if the cabin is no longer inhabited by the original owners and some crazed dope grower are now the new lease holders and the owners are part of the forest subterranean ecosystem.

The principle to follow if bad things may happen anywhere so be ready. Ignoring this principle is not seeing life through pink colored glasses but walking around with horse blinders. Natural beauty does not go away just because you acknowledge the ugly out there. You just live longer and healthier to enjoy it.


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  1. “The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.”
    -Kino no Tabi tagline

    “Natural beauty does not go away just because you acknowledge the ugly out there. You just live longer and healthier to enjoy it.”
    -Miguel Amendment

    If you ever decide you’re not too old to watch some cartoons from Japan, Kino no Tabi has this kind of mindset. And the main character uses custom variations of the Colt Woodsman and a Colt Navy revolver for self defense. (Artistic License used of course, who ever used liquid gunpowder…)

    The only reason she lived to be her age to appreciate the beauty AND the bad in the various mini-countries/worlds she travels in. That and having Goddamn crazy accuracy with her revolver and knowing eventually, she’s gonna have to kill someone to defend herself.

      1. YES!

        There are just some classics that cannot be beat by any of the newer crap coming out today.

        You sir just went up several points. And I’ll make a decent effort once I the dust settles to make my way to your range.

        1. You shall be welcome…. No throwing stars allowed. It upsets the range master.
          (I was never good with the damn things, it was an accident!)

  2. “Danger that is understood, and which you are prepared to face, does not detract in any way from pleasure. The bank of violets does not lose any of its beauty because the rock beyond it may shelter a hungry tiger…” Jim Corbett, from “The Talla Des Man-Eater” P.S. Keep up the good work.

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