It is too damned hot. (Life Saving Tips)

The New Cool Blowing Box In The Closet came with a thermostat that has all kinds of cute apps and info. I just read on it that the outside temp is 94 degrees. HOLY CRAP!

As somebody with two previous Heat related incidents (one sending me to the ER) I cannot but say “Screw it, I ain’t going shooting tomorrow or any time till the temps are in the low 80s” Yes I need a couple of matches under by expansive belt, yes tomorrow is the IDPA Classifier and if I want to attend a sanctioned match I need to be classified within the year. But I am not risking another brain cooking, sorry.

Instead I’ll stay home and harass SWMBO till she almost neuters me and then watch a movie or something.

In the meantime, go read this old post about Heat related maladies and how to avoid them and and how to treat them. We have used them in our club more than once unfortunately.

One Reply to “It is too damned hot. (Life Saving Tips)”

  1. Exactly. I’ve had a few heat related issues as well (one that sent me to the ER too). While I enjoy shooting, I DON’T like doing it in 100 deg heat w/ the very rare occasion.
    It will cool off soon enough.



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