The search for The Hat.

OK I am officially looking for The Hat. Not just any hat but The Hat, the one that goes with me and that will cover the empty surface on top of my dome.

According to the Wife, In look particular dashing in my lumberjack image…

…but that only works for about two weeks when the temperatures in Miami drop below jungle averages.
So I need something double cool, both visually and temperature wise. I have worn fedoras when I was younger, had long hair and had no facial astroturf; nowadays I look like a B Movie 40s gangster. I have Baseball caps aplenty but they are just blah.

So, knowing that I will be sorry, I am open to suggestions.

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  1. One word: Tilley. They are a bit expensive, but their warranty is awesome & unless you go to the Outback frequently, you probably won’t need it due to their exceptional build quality.

    1. They are pricey indeed… but there is a couple of models there that look just right. And leave it to the wife to find one for her right off the bat.

  2. With Phssthpok on this one. There’s a lot to be said about an all-around brim, keeps the sun off your ears and the back of your neck and out of your eyes, all at the same time. I see a lot of similar styles at Cabelas/bAss Pro, with the top third being a tight mesh, to allow yer noggin to breathe a bit. I have two or three that I wear for various functions.

  3. I’m in Tampa Bay, so we’re not quite as warm as Miami. I prefer a boonie for two reasons – (1) the wide brin keeps sun away from my ears, neck and shiny scalp; and (2) if it gets REALLY hot I can soak the hat down before putting it on, which really helps cool me off.

  4. I have the Henschel version of the Breezer hat sold by Sportsman’s Guide, and love it. I wear it almost year-round here in NC, save in the very coldest months of winter. As a bonus, you can customise the leather chin strap with beads of various types around the brim.

  5. I recommend a Panama or boater, depending on which better suits your clothing. Light color, wide brim, excellent for your climate.

  6. All the freaked-out rich-ass REI camper-hippies at Google wear those big floppy hats with ventilation and Foreign-Legion draping neck-guard and generally cover themselves like the Amish or the Arabs. What’s a Male doing wearing a chador? Not-a-male I guess.
    You might try a straw pork-pie to avoid looking like a cowboy – but in your climate I’d avoid leather. I’d go for a real Panama hat.

  7. I’ll thrown in my support for Tilley. Lu and I both have one and we LOVE them. I yake mine everywhere. They are pricey but considering you’ll probably never have to buy another it’s a bargain.

  8. For the mature man, try Huskey Hat in Wichita Falls, Texas. Definitely Not cheap – but the ones I bought in the 1970’s still look new. Of course, the Stetson I bought in ’48 does not look new any more, but it keeps the rain off. And I could still fill my pickup truck’s radiator or water the dog with it in a pinch.


  9. I am having the same problem. No problem during evenings or weekends, I can wear anything on my head. It is at work where I need something to go with dress pants, shirts and ties. I’m thinking the gangster look might work……

  10. I’ve had a Tilley for for years and worn it everyday in the non-winter months. Rain, wind, sun, it’s shrugged them all off. Just bought a ultrafino straw fedora for the times I want to look more like a 40’s gangster movie extra, though.

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