…and there is Whacky Timothy.

We have seen our share of lunatics in the anti-gun trenches but there is one individual that makes Japete look as rational as Mr. Spock and the the CSGV as pro gun as the NRA. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you Twitter sensation Timothy A. Campbell.

Timothy A. Campbell is not only an anti gun advocate, no sir; Timmy is the founder of his own religion! Let us check a bit of the info he offers about himself:
He creates a religion but you must dislike religion. Gotcha! It goes downhill from here on. From his website we obtain the principles of the Timothean Religion:

Two Dogmas to be a Timothean.
1. Must be against guns.
2. Must love God & dislike established Religions.

I am not going to comment on who he saw in 1985. Maybe he did see God in corporeal form and I am sure if he did, after 10 minutes the Lord itself must have said “This guy is batshit!” discarded His fleshy body and made a beeline for Heaven.

Whomever crosses Twitter paths with Timmy for the first time blinks hard twice. His comments are so out there that the default position is to consider him a troll. Nope, he believes his stuff with the fervor of Mohammed Atta and what comes out of his Twitter feed is the stuff of legend. Obviously the Martin/Zimmerman case is a top of his priorities.

He  is not on top of who is alive or who might be dead or maybe knows something we mere mortals do not know.

I have the beard, but I was never able to control any two wheeled vehicle without tasting pavement:
Wait! Maybe this is all a great conspiracy:
But it is good to know that with your NRA membership, you are automatically working for the CIA:

Now, please get yourself a nice drink and enjoy the following video. Yep, that is Timmy.
Do waterproof your keyboard before hitting play.

Timothy doesn’t do Christian Charity too well, does he?

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  1. This is also the nice fellow who advised when people see people lawfully open carrying to run them over with their cars.

    I wonder how many times Breda has kicked this filthy hobo out of the library?

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