Why pick on Timmy C.

A reader posted the following question regarding Timothy A. Campbell:

Is there a reason why you are giving him so much attention?

There are several answers to that. Contrary to what they tell you, Anti Gun groups are not populated by many folks. It might be a stretch, but I think in the last NRA Annual Meeting there were more people attending than all the members of all Anti Gun groups combined. But that does not mean they are ineffectual: They still have the ear of the Traditional Media and the top Democrat leadership even though the support among the American Public is in a dive and that is driving them desperate. When people become desperate, they actually start considering things that a sane & rational person would never even dream of doing.

History is full of events where people seeking power by regular means, go for absurd and monstrous methods to obtain such power when the acceptable social methods were not successful. These people do not play by the rules of a civilized society, they play with them. They will scheme, plot and do whatever is necessary and if you add a touch of madness, you end up with fields of dead bodies, concentration camps and tables full of skulls.

So Timothy A. Campbell is way out there in the outfield, true. But rest assured that some of the “sane” ones in the Anti Gun movement may consider some of his solutions to the “gun problem” actually doable.

Giving attention to Ole Timmy, besides fun serves as a warning and a good way to expose what might come in the future. Just because it sounds too crazy does not mean it will not happen.

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  1. As I recall, the NRA Convention drew close to 70,000 people. Looking over the financial statements of HCI/Brady and the other “major” gun “control groups” leads to the conclusion that there are less than 15,000 money paying, letter to editor gun control nuts, all told. Many “major gun control groups” have no more than one or two individuals, some get major “contributions” from the Foundations, but few have more than one hundred members. So to be extremely conservative, NRAvention outdrew the gun control nuts by four to one.


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