Just assorted stuff.

Saving brain cells for tomorrow. I owe an article and I plan on concentration all my power (about 5 Joules worth) on it tomorrow & the day after.

Any self-respecting recording engineer has had at least one session in which the bathroom has been used as either echo chamber or to obtain a certain effect. But this is taking it a bit too much.

At least the spelling is right.
‘Octomom’ strip show to go on. I just hope she did not breastfeed.

New ATF Revised Form 4473 for firearms transaction is now in effect. Check it out.

I am sure a holster is readily available for this combo:


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  1. Who would want to see Octomom? Thoughts of extreme saggage, stretch marks and a cocktail weenie in the eight car garage come to mind. Not sexy.


    1. High-velocity lead therapy delivered directly to the cranio-ocular cavity, preferably with a full load of buckshot from a 4-bore.



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