The rapidly collapsing Zimmerman narrative.

Those who were heavily emotionally invested in finding George Zimmerman guilty in the killing of Trayvon Martin are not very happy. The latest batch of evidence released by the State of Florida has pretty much driven a stake through the Racism angle that was so adeptly waved by pundits, media and the political race-baiters. I think that it has pretty much destroyed any reason for a Murder Two accusation and puts Angela Corey on a very tight spot and the rest of the investigative team in a tight spot making people think that the whole scheme has been just a political move specially when the news that the detective that investigated the case did not want to arrest Zimmerman because there was not enough evidence but was pressured by the chain in command and eventually punished with a demotion to patrol & given the graveyard shift.

So what is next for the Mob? I have been checking Twitter and if it is any indication, I’d say about 70% of the pitchfork holders have become silent. If out of embarrassment or just unable to explain their own stupidity, I do not know. However the hardcore amongst them are still beating the drum because, you see: Zimmerman MUST be guilty of something.

My favorite Nutjob & self-proclaimed Messiah, Timothy A. Campbell is stretching the limits of stupidity in his comments:

The sad part is that hes is not alone in the sentiment that Zimmerman is guilty of something but they have not found a way yet to legally prove it. This is not people offering an opinion based on the facts available, this is fully loaded insane hate with unhealthy thirst for retribution. By engaging in logical fallacies, they unburden themselves with having to present evidence or engages in reasoned dialogue and feel they made a case against Zimmerman. And God forbids you dare to contradict.
As you can see, Timmy is not above doing his Twitter version of SWATing or outright demand the death of those who disagree with him. Even though he is an extreme example, certain variations with lesser degrees of threats have been dished out by his ilk. And one must remember that idiots like Timmy & Friends have the right to vote which is a scary thought if one of them get elected to a position where harm can be done.

Anyway, the Martin/Zimmerman case and its repercussions are far from over. We have plenty of days to endure and lots of politics to wade through. I will say that the goals of those who wanted to “cash” on this case are greatly diminished and I also believe that the Stand Your Ground study group will become nothing or have its recommendation stashed deep in File 13 since Florida prosecutors more likely have lost the high moral ground with this case.

Time will tell.

10 Replies to “The rapidly collapsing Zimmerman narrative.”

  1. Ahh timmy timmy timmy. your regular dealer hasn’t had enough of your shit and given you a “hot shot” already? How disappointing..

  2. Do some searching. Timmy’s clearly a paranoid schizophrenic. There’s not much honor in hitting that pinata. Best to let him ride off into the west, trailing a dribble of foam from his mouth.

  3. My favorite Crazy Timothy post is the one where he is talking about the constitution giving him the right to run over gun owners. The crazy is particularly strong in that man.

  4. Well gee, Timmy doesn’t believe in “innocent until proven guilty” – “no evidence that Zimmerman was not a racist/pedobear” – well gee, I thought you actually had to PROVE the person was such, Timmeh.

    And in other news, water remains wet…nothing new with this nitwit, like the rest of his antigun ilk.

  5. I can’t help thinking this:
    “FBI found absolutely no evidence that Timothy Campbell was NOT [insert negative term of your choice]”
    “Can you show me the proof that Timothy Campbell is not [insert negative term of your choice]”
    Fair’s fair, he seems to think it’s a valid form of argument. My negative term of choice would be bat sh!t f***ing insane, as in actually attempting intercourse with guano levels of crazy.

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