Once is coincidence, Twice is enemy action.

You are the most famous prosecutor in the Country but the case that brought you to these heights appears to be collapsing. What do you do? You bring out a possibly fake sexual assault allegation against your target. Why? Because it worked before!

Splashed in the front page of today’s Miami Herald, we get this tantalizing headline:

“Witness 9” accused Zimmerman of sexually molesting her.

OMFG! The guy is a perv! GUILTY! BRING THE ROPE!…wait one…. when did this happen? When Witness 9 was six years old and Zimmerman was eight? You mean two kids playing doctor? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is happening here? Apparently Prosecutor Angela Corey is up to her old proven tricks.

Christian Fernandez is a thirteen year boy old waiting to be tried for Murder. He admits that he pushed his little brother against a bookcase out of anger while taking care alone of him and 2 other kids because Mom was out. Little brother passes out, Christian contacts Mom who eventually returns home, ignores the injured kid for up to and probably more than 8 hours and the kid eventually dies.Now Mom cannot claim ignorance as the investigation shows she went online and researched head injuries. Mom eventually pleas to aggravated manslaughter facing a minimum of 13 years in prison. Justice served, right? Not quite so. Christian Fernandez is charged by Angela Corey with Murder after attempted plea deals were not to her taste.

As you can imagine, this did not set well with many people, specially after finding out that shrink after shrink, both state and private were in agreement that Christian was salvageable. Corey apparently ignores all comers and when public pressure becomes too much, she pulls out an indictment of Sexual Battery against Christian Fernandez.

You can read a good summary of the case here. I had read this and another case about 3 weeks ago and I found out that Corey has a very heavy-handed and almost petty dictator style of doing things. Initially i did not want to bring the Fernandez case, but this vague accusation by resembles too much what is going on with Zimmerman.

Do a little research on the Fernandez Case. I am sure you will me amazed to find out what I did. The kid is facing two prosecutions with Life Sentences attached to them while Mom will probably be walking the streets before 2020.

I might be back later on the week with more Cory Business.

11 Replies to “Once is coincidence, Twice is enemy action.”

  1. The “whole” Witness9 story does not pass the smell test. Something is wrong with Corey, cases being used as “stepping stones” for a job with Eric Holder and company? 🙁

    1. If she was in Miami Dade, I’d say yes. Ours down here fed directly from the breast of Janet Reno. I would have to look up where Corey comes from.

  2. Not to be the anal-retentive twit, but the original quote was, “Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, and three times is enemy action,” followed by, “And I don’t believe in coincidence.”

    One instance cannot intrinsically be coincidental except with itself, which kind of defeats the purpose of the word ;).

    As for Corey, she is going through the standard tactics of a person caught in a lie – lie bigger. She knows she over-extended on the Zimmerman case, she knows her career and potentially her freedom are on the line, and she knows this is not going to end well for her no matter how it ends, but, by God, she is going to try to drag down the target of her ire with her. Lovely lady, her.

  3. So i wonder how many other people all of a sudden were accused of being child molesters or animal abusers? HOW MANY MORE NAMES WERE SLANDERED?

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