Amnesty International: No wonder they are such a failure.

Bumped into this poster in Facebook.

The following is my response to the Orgasmic Anti American thread:

“And the pic is a tad misleading. Small Arms are the ones doing the most damage and the top exporters are China & Russia. US exports mostly high-end systems that are more expensive but make for much lower numbers. For the price of one F16 you can buy several shiploads of AK 47s….. But is easier to blame the US for everything.
PS: The biggest consumer of US Small arms is the US Citizen.

ATF numbers: Year 2011 Rifles manufactured 2,293,247. Rifles exported 78,765. Pistols manufactured 2,487,786, Pistols exported 116,014. Shotguns manufactured 862,293, Shotguns exported 54,878.
And if my math is not faulty, we kept about 96.5% of rifles for internal use alongside 95.4% of the pistols and 93.7% of the shotguns.
I think Amnesty International should actually deal with facts instead of propaganda. No wonder they are doing a shitty job around the world.”

I realized later that I did not take in consideration any and all weapons distributed by the ATF and the DOJ to foreign criminal entities but since we don’t know how many gunwalking operations were/are out there…

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