Another Colorado Shooting and another round of anti gun idiocy.

I spent almost all daylight till now in the Twitterverse. As expected, the #guncontrol horde came out swinging but unfortunately for them, we were there and they were using the same old cliches.

Nothing shuts faster an Anti gun Drone that asking them two questions:

1) How do you propose to control all guns in the USA?
2) Define Assault Weapon.

Apparently those two questions produce an irregular discharge of the synapses in their brains and they either shut up or cuss the hell out of you. Par for the course.

What shocked me was some people who actually stated that they did not mind having their Rights eliminated if they could feel safe (not confused with actually being safe) and that I should do the same. Honestly, what kind of spineless, gutless crawling creature you have to be to demand being a slave?

Other than the killings themselves, this was the saddest part of today……so far.

PS: Did I write a hashtag a top of the article? I need to stay the hell away from Twitter.

8 Replies to “Another Colorado Shooting and another round of anti gun idiocy.”

  1. Isn’t this just the kind of attention that is needed right before the UN vote scheduled to take place on the 27th?

    I fear none of us as gun owners will be able to make folks realize that a gun did NOT commit such a horrific act by itself, but “man, and it would appear a seriously mentally deranged man was involved. Mankind is the problem.


      1. Jusuchin…I wasn’t implying that the brick wall ‘itself’ wasn’t useful…just that talking to it, since it’s an inanimate object….



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