CSGV shrill as expected

We are now traitors….. go figure.


Well, there is your problem. The US is a Constitutional Republic.


I guess Colt, Rock River, DPMS and the rest of the manufacturers will be issuing a mass recall on the millions of AR type rifles that haven’t killed anybody. It is obviously a defect that needs to be corrected.


I give up…. for today only.

5 Replies to “CSGV shrill as expected”

  1. I’ve been following you all for a long time but have kept quiet til now.
    I was going to say something derogatory about csgv but why waste the space on what we already know.
    My best argument about the Colorado incident is that I believe it is a good argument for concealed-carry.
    When people act like sheep you get treated like sheep. The wolves will come and take what they want when they want until we stop them. We cannot place our lives in the hands of others. Police do all they can but in actuality they are not much more than report takers.
    Keep up the good work Miguel.

  2. I like the “traitors” comment. What an ignorant doofus.

    Has this person ever heard of that little event called the “American Revolution” that resulted in our Constitutional Republic? The British called us traitors, but they were wrong.

    Going to war against our government versus being prepared to replace our government if it becomes illegitimate, are two different things. How can they not read the Declaration of Independence and fail to understand that we always (and not lightly), retain the right to remove our government, but only if it becomes despotic.

    A traitor is someone who attacks our government without sufficient cause. A patriot is one who takes up arms against an unjust, despotic, tyrannical government when they decide that our liberties need to be crushed. If they ever try to round me up for a death ride in a cattle car and that’s when decent people like me will be shooting back.

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