M.H.I. Team Miami: Not perfect but great musical taste.

So what happens when you have a long 4th of July weekend after finishing a job & access to beer and spirits from many countries ? You get creative and forget to lock the front gate.

Apparently several team members with somewhat elevated alcohol levels decided that the roads in the compound needed signs. A quick trip to the nearest Home depot for the necessary supplies, more beer and access to a well know online music provider and the roads ended up with names.

That would have been fine and dandy, but somebody forgot to re-lock the front gate and apparently one of the Google Cars snuck in and copied the names to their database. Luck has it, camouflage was done right and no pics of the compound were taken.

Click on pic to enlarge

So, how do you fix a sign screw up? With more signs! Posted several like this:

And lots of this:
And they promise to keep the gate locked at all times from now on.

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