Today’s “Why We Win.”

Another round of Twitter warfare. Again related to the Aurora Theater shooting but this time a gun control advocate saying that even if there was a citizen with a concealed gun, things would have worse because people might have died! That they fail to grasp the fact that people were indeed dying already astounds me and I made that point to him and that an armed civilian might have made the difference. Apparently this did not fit his narrative and hilarity ensued.

I know of a rare bird called the AR-17 shotgun made by Armalite in the 1960s, but my GoogleFu did not return a rifle under that denomination. Nevertheless, being qualified by the Navy in any small arm is not confidence inspiring as they suck so bad with small arms, they have a great chance to shoot each other or the boat and that is the reason for US Marines aboard their ships… or at least that the way Marines tell it 🙂


Do I even have to explain this one?


The old “I am from NY, I am expert on everything and a tough guy.” <sigh>


Here I had pointed out that not only a citizen with a gun could have made the difference but that it had already happened and in Colorado proper. I mentioned the case of the shooting at the New Life Church and Jeanne Assam’s intervention with a handgun that probably saved many lives. Apparently if it did not happen in a theater while the Dark Batman Whatever movie was playing at the wee hours of the night, it does not count.


I responded here that I was a firearms instructor, a shooter and that I have shot with LEOs from different departments and all of them said the same thing: You better carry ’cause they can’t be there. Suddenly the brave New Yorker changed his tune.


And block me he did!

You cannot convince such level of idiocy, but it can be used as teaching tool for others that might have not made a decision or actually have enough gray matter to rethink their position.

At least I got enough material for a post!


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  1. I see where that theater is a declared “gun free zone” and NOBODY short of LEO “carrys” there. So, if that is true (and my reasearch shows it is) Nobody could have had “legal possession” of a firearm to get it in the fight.

  2. Ron – depends on if they have the Florida rule which says state law takes precedence.

    It’s true – if you see a “no guns” sign in Florida, you may legally ignore it. If they somehow see your gun, they may ask you to leave and you must, right then. If you don’t drop whatever you’re doing and leave right then, that’s armed trespass, and they may have you arrested.

    IANL, and all that. I can’t recall the last time I went into a movie without a gun, but my theaters don’t have those signs.

  3. I invite any and all of you anti-gunners to my range, I’ll train you on any of the 6 firearms on my CCW, might even show you what a A-D is.

  4. I am still shocked that no one followed the Flight 93 example and took action. I pray that if I were faced with that situation, the values that I was raised to hold dear would guide me to act, even to the point of sacrificing my life, in order to protect the innocent.

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