6 Replies to “Gun Motivator of the Day: After the Redcoats.”

  1. Baby blue. Proven to make you stand out even more in Southern Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa as a person out of his element, given a shitty ROE, and eventually would be killed or ordered to leave defenseless people to themselves so some politician back home can pander to the international community/domestic affairs.

    1. Now, now- I see it more as allowing troops from micro-nano powers to have a chance to enjoy all the traditional fruits of victory (rape & pillage) without any of that “winning a battle” stuff.

  2. The big challenge is that if the POTUS idiot and the SOS witch have their way, executive orders will ram aspects of the UN ATT through and regrettably Officer Friendly will be the one kicking in your door. I’m a nice guy, but I think I would shoot a blue helmet trooper as an invader in an instant. However, it is much harder to shoot Officer Friendly, even if he is just following an (illegal) order.

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