11 Replies to “On the Jason Alexander Anti Gun rant…”

  1. What? you’re saying yet another hollyweird actor spouted off on something he/she knows absolutely NOTHING about? Shocking. simply shocking.

    1. of course they know every SHIN. That’s because they’re down on their own knees so much kissing ass and sucking nuts.

  2. I give no credence to those Hollywood libs, after all, they support the enemy of my country the illustrious Mr.Obama.
    If I had the chance I would place Obama under citizens arrest because I can do that because I”MM A CITIZEN!

  3. Must be something about continuously working in a make-believe world that causes the mind to irrevocably disconnect from the real world…yet not know it.

  4. Do remember that he is in the same industry that:
    -can’t get enough of the Kardashians
    -thought Jar Jar Binks was a great idea
    -canceled “Firefly” & “MST 3k”
    -is pretty much limited to remakes, reboots, or shark jump-roping sequels
    -it is a shocking irregularity when one of it’s members isn’t a drug & alcohol addled mess who can’t keep a steady relationship

    Seriously, its like being lectured by a meth addict about dental hygene!

    1. And he goes on the usual attack on ‘corporatism’ a la Micheal “The spoon” Moore. Maybe he forgets what paid his salary on Seinfeld and most of his later pay checks. It was this thing called ‘advertising’.

  5. It’s interesting to note that Alexander is a fairly well trained martial artist who claims to have defended himself from a mugger in the past.

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