6 Replies to “A Kind Word and a 2×4: Chic Fil A brouhaha, geez.”

  1. YEah and I wrote that BEFORE I saw the picture that started making it’s way around Facebook that is a headshot of Roseanne Barr, and the caption is something she said today. Such a tolerant, lying, hypocritical is she. Personally I LOATHE the wench.

  2. They can support what ever they want. My flap with them is donating to Exodus International, a group that has advocated rounding up gays and lesbians, they saying opps and saying they won’t do it again, and they next quarter donating again.

  3. The thing that chaps me most is Rham and other pols promising to keep Chic-Fil-A franchises out of their cities because of this. This is a very very bad thing.

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