Voodoo “Assault” Gun. (Updated at intervals)

Days of Our Trailers is confused. After careful wait and examination, his Evil AK has neither given him desperately urges to kill innocent people nor gone on its own and start a massacre.

I decided to test mine:
Let’s see…. Evil Pistol Grip? Yes times two. High Capacity Magazines? Yes. “Telescopic sniper” 1x red dot sight? Yep. Bayonet Lug? Yeah! (Although I have no idea where I put the bayonet.) Ammunition? Hell yeah!It’s even have a light! ZOMG!

I feel…. I feel… kinda embarrassed. I haven’t shot this baby in a while actually. But Murderous thought? Nope. And it is either broken or well behave because it has not moved at all neither shot anybody.

However, I implore you, check your own EBR (Evil Black Rifle) and make sure it does not take over your mind or has sudden urges to escape your house and start a life of crime.

Voodoo “Assault” Guns: Because Antis actually believe that crap.

UPDATE: After 2.5 hours the only urge I had so far is hunger… and took care of it without having to kill anybody. <BURP>

UPDATE 2: I feel…. I feel…. like a nap. Still no murdering urges after almost 4 hours.

FINAL UPDATE: I fell asleep in front of the EBR for several hours. I did not have dreams of mayhem against my fellow humans and the rifle did not attack me. I don’t think it even move. I can only reach one conclusion: My gun must be broken!

11 Replies to “Voodoo “Assault” Gun. (Updated at intervals)”

  1. But its an “assault weapon,” clearly this must be the day it takes off of killing people. Look out people of tomorrow!!!

  2. You guys are not trying hard enough! You gotta stand on one leg, hold your mouth just so while looking at the sun & fondle your AK47, THEN the evil thoughts will begin!

  3. Of course your gun isn’t going to influence you to do evil- you don’t have a shoulder thing that goes up (or sideways) on it! It can’t be fully eeeevil without a shoulder thing that goes up!

  4. I know my EBR is defective, but it’s the AR-15 kind. Barbara Feinstein says the only purpose of those guns is to kill a lot of people, and mine has never done anything except punch holes in paper a couple hundred yards away. I took it out this past weekend and that’s all it would do. Like yours, no evil mind-rays making me want to do anything.

    1. My evil AR keeps telling me to kill more wild hogs but to protect people! Is it defective? The dead hogs taste great in a crock pot with potatoes and carrots!

  5. They were only referring to heavy weapons. With all that polymer stuff, yours probably doesn’t make weight. Try tacking on some weights and see if that changes anything.

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